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  • Countermeasures and suggestions concerning mineral resources exploitation based on the ecological conservation priority in the Tibetan Plateau
    XU Youning, QIAO Gang and ZHANG Jianghua
    The Tibetan Plateau is an important ecological environment barrier in China. Protecting a fragile and important eco-environment is a major environmental issue that must be considered first in the development of mineral resources. The exploitation of mineral resources in the Tibetan Plateau has an important pillar position in regional economic and social development, and is also an important reserve and strategic base for the development of mineral resources in China. Based on the survey of mine geo-environment, the authors hold that, due to the comprehensive influence of various factors such as insufficient awareness of environmental protection in the past, the impact of exploration and development of mineral resources on the vegetation ecology of the plateau is generally serious, and hence the protection and restoration of alpine meadow vegetation become the most important and most conspicuous environmental problem in the Tibetan Plateau. Based on the restrictive factors such as coldness, hypoxia, little soil and inconvenient traffic, this paper puts forward the countermeasures for the exploration and development of mineral resources that have the priority in protecting the vegetation ecology of the source:improve the permit conditions for mining in the Tibetan Plateau, build a mechanism based on the ecological protection of the source, formulate the development and utilization planning, mining layout based on assessment of mining geo-environmental carrying capacity, establish a base for mineral resources reserves that can be explored and reasonably developed, establish a long-term monitoring network for mine eco-environment and promote the ecological restoration technology system of plateau vegetation. The purpose is to provide a geological basis for the government to make scientific decisions in the exploration and development of green mineral resources.
    2018  .  37(12):    2125-2130    [摘要](98)    [PDF](89)
  • A study of soil moisture migration mechanism of alpine meadow in the Tibetan Plateau
    QIAO Gang, XU Youning, CHEN Huaqing, ZHANG Jianghua, KE Hailing and LIU Ruiping
    The alpine meadow soil water for sustaining the succession of vegetation ecosystem benign role lies in finding out the alpine meadow area soil moisture migration mechanism, the correct understanding of alpine meadow soil moisture migration process; the improvement of the reconstruction efficiency has important guiding significance. In this paper, based on in situ test of soil profile negative pressure and ground temperature observation, combined with meteorological data, the authors analyzed soil profile temperature, moisture content and total head characteristics. The results show that the freezing period begins in October, and the thawing period begins in April. At the highest temperature, the plant growth period is in August, and the lowest value appears in January. Soil moisture is solid from January 1 to March; from June to October soil water is liquid, belonging to stable phase change; from April to May and from November to December soil moisture is in solid and liquid state, and the moisture content change is bigger, belonging to the excessive stage. With the increase of temperature and the precipitation, the same season in June and August is favorable for the growth of alpine meadow, which belongs to the main growth stage of alpine meadow. In spring, the soil is thawed at the surface and the depth, and the stagnant water performance of the frozen soil ensures the moisture demand of the spring drought and herbage growth. In the late autumn season, the surface and deep soil are frozen, and the moisture content of the deep soil water with the water vapor in the soil protects the moisture demand of the grass growing. This is one of the reasons that the plateau ecosystem can be stable.
    2018  .  37(12):    2131-2137    [摘要](55)    [PDF](68)
  • The development and application of the information system of mining geological environment in the Tibetan Plateau
    HE Fang, LIU Changpeng, XU Youning, LIU Ruiping and QIAO Gang
    In order to realize the mine geological environment impact survey of the subordinate working item, demonstration, design, research, standardization of demonstration data, standardization of the whole course of four stages entry as well as the use and management, the authors developed "investigation information system on the geological environment impact of mineral resources exploitation on the Tibetan Plateau". The system includes data entry, data integration and evaluation management. The data entry module realizes the specification of each phase data entry. The data integration module realizes the integration of all work items into data integration. The data evaluation management module implements automatic evaluation of the survey data and test data, and will investigate the function of mining information in the GIS graph to locating, querying and analyzing. The study and application of the system provide a platform for the realization of the information management service of the whole process of mine geological environment survey.
    2018  .  37(12):    2138-2143    [摘要](69)    [PDF](59)
  • An analysis of the hotspot and frontier of mine eco-environment restoration based on big data visualization of VOSviewer and CiteSpace
    GAO Yunfeng, XU Youning, ZHU Yaxuan and ZHANG Jianghua
    Mine ecological environment restoration is an important measure for the construction of ecological civilization, and hence it has attracted more and more attention and interest among geologists. In order to clarify the hot topics of the restoration of the eco-environment in China's mines in the past 20 years, the frontiers of the historical stage, and the current research progress so as to forecast future research directions, the authors used CNKI as the data source, and employed bibliometrics method and VOSviewer and CiteSpace visual analysis software to quantitatively analyze the relevant documents published in the period of 2000-2018. The results show that, in the past 20 years, the research achievements in the field of mine eco-environment restoration have mainly been published in the form of journals, and the number of documents issued has increased significantly year by year. The key words of "land reclamation", "eco-compensation and deposit", "phytoremediation of heavy metal pollution", "geological disaster management" and "green mine and mine park construction" are the hot research fields through the "co occurrence" analysis of the key words by VOSviewer. Using CiteSpace's unique time zone map analysis and highlighting key statistics functions, the authors found that China's mine eco-environment restoration has gone through three phases, and its connotation has been continuously enriched and developed. Multi-technical integration for carrying out mine land reclamation and geological disaster management, water and soil pollution source control and treatment technology research and application integration demonstration, ecological rehabilitation technology adapted to local conditions, and the construction of green mines and mine parks will be the research hotspots in the field of mine rehabilitation in the future.
    2018  .  37(12):    2144-2153    [摘要](52)    [PDF](50)
  • A comparative study of the content of heavy metals in typical metallic mine rivers of the Tibetan Plateau
    LIU Ruiping, XU Youning, ZHANG Jianghua, CHEN Huaqing, HE Fang, QIAO Gang, KE Hailing and SHI Yufei
    In order to study the severity of heavy metal pollution in the exploration, exploitation and closure of metal mines in the Tibetan Plateau, the authors made a comparative study of the heavy metal content and pollution index variation along the rivers in five metal mines. The results show that the water quality of the river is relatively insignificantly affected during the exploration stage and the closure of the pit, whereas the mining activities cause more pollution to the river water quality. (2)As, Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn are the characteristic pollutants of metal mines. Rivers in Deerni copper mine, Xialiugou lead-zinc mine and Jiama mine show heavy metals pollution; in the slightly alkaline environment of Deerni copper mining area, the main pollutant is As, with single pollution index being 0~10.6; the single pollution indexes of Pb, Cd, Cu and Zn elements of Xialiugou lead and zinc deposit are 0.2~2.1, 0~55, 0.4~24, and 0.3~1550 respectively. The characteristic pollutants of the Jiama mining area in an acidic environment are Cu and Cd. The single pollution indexes of Cu and Cd are 0~4174 and 0~4 respectively. There is no pollution element in the river of Rolosa chromium iron ore mining area. (3)The heavy metals of five typical high altitude mountain mine rivers in the Tibetan Plateau reach the safety level after the rivers flow a distance of 2km. The results obtained by the authors provide a reference basis for water environmental protection.
    2018  .  37(12):    2154-2168    [摘要](51)    [PDF](71)
  • An analysis of land use changes and driving forces in Ningdong coal base of Ningxia with remote sensing technology
    ZHANG Yongting, WEI Caiyong, XU Youning, YAN Jin, HUANG Tao, YANG Xueru and LI Qiaomin
    The study of dynamic change of land use in large mining bases can indirectly assess the influence of mineral exploitation on regional ecological environment. Based on satellite image data obtained in 2005, 2010 and 2015 with spatial resolution better than 2.5m, the authors extracted the land utilization information in Ningdong coal base, in combination with artificial visual interpretation and computer automatic extraction technology. On such a basis, the comprehensive index and dynamic attitude of land use were constructed, and the quantitative research was carried out on land use process caused by development; furthermore, a quantitative evaluation system was constructed for land use change with the indicators of economic and social development, and the land use change driving mechanism was analyzed. The results show that, in the stage of continuous land development and utilization from 2005 to 2015 in Ningdong coal base, the grasslands, woodlands and cultivated land were turned into construction land, such as industrial and mining land, but the increase in the comprehensive index of land use was declined, suggesting that the development of Ningdong coal base entered a stable stage, and land use pressure of human activities were gradually declined. Principal component analysis shows that the main driving factors of land use pattern change of Ningdong coal base are human activities including the government controlled grazing policy, industrialization and large scale of energy chemical industry, population growth, urbanization and some other factors. The results can provide a scientific basis for future ecological environment protection of Ningdong coal base.
    2018  .  37(12):    2169-2175    [摘要](48)    [PDF](55)
  • The influence of ground fissure on Vegetation ecological environment in Ningdong coal mine
    QIAO Gang, XU Youning, CHEN Huaqing, JIAO Mengqi, CHEN Shu and GAO Yunfeng
    The geological disaster of ground fissures is a kind of important vegetation ecological geological environmental damage, and hence the detection of the influence of ground fissures on the vegetation ecological environment in such aspects as the way, degree and extent for vegetation ecological environment protection of east Ningxia coal mining area is of great significance. Soil moisture is an important index to evaluate whether cracks affect the vegetation ecology; the existence of the ground fissures exacerbates soil water loss of the vegetation; therefore, the selection of typical vegetation area and soil lithology structure area for in situ experiment in the coal mine goaf, the dynamic monitoring of crack edge, and the soil moisture of different buried depths away from the fracture zone vadose section should be done in combination with meteorological elements analysis so as to achieve the purpose of the study of vegetation ecological environment effect of the ground fissures. Some conclusions have been reached:(1) Water loss of soil water is that the water is lost first and the surface is then lost. (2) The time of soil moisture dissipation is dynamic and positively correlated with temperature, with the largest occurring in July, which exhibits two evaporation surfaces, and the second occurring in August, which exhibits one evaporation surface. (3) Affected by soil lithology, soil moisture content shows "S" characteristics with the increase of soil depth, with the order of water-holding property of different lithologic characters being aeolian sand > loess soil > root soil > silt. This conclusion has important guiding significance for the protection of vegetation ecology and geological environment in Ningdong coal mine area.
    2018  .  37(12):    2176-2183    [摘要](39)    [PDF](46)
  • The prediction of the influence of coal mining on the groundwater in Eastern Ningxia coal production base
    FENG Jie, HOU Enke and WANG Sujian
    The protection of water resources in mining has aroused much concern in Eastern Ningxia coal production base which is characterized by the fragile ecological environment and scarce water resources relatively. The authors calculated the maximum height of water flowing fractured zone in the first coal seam mining using the formula method and the three measured data. The difference value between the computations comprising the first coal seam, the main aquifer and the height of water flowing fractured zone could be used to predict influence of coal mining on the groundwater. According to the results obtained, the height of water flowing fractured zone is generally 20~80m, and the northwest Lingwu mining area of more than 180m possesses an area of about 5.9km2; in the Carboniferous-Permian coal mine area, the water flowing fractured zone has penetrated the Shihezi Formation and reached the main aquifer (Cenozoic aquifer) with 7 drill holes, such as 2808 and 2809; in the Jurassic coal mine area, the water flowing fractured zone has communicated the surface with 9 drill holes, such as 2702 and Yan1. The influence degree of the first coal seam mining for the aquifer has been divided into four types, i.e., large, larger, affected and weak, with the proportion being14.7%, 40.31%, 18.65% and 26.34%, respectively.
    2018  .  37(12):    2184-2191    [摘要](36)    [PDF](45)
  • The evaluation and influencing factors of groundwater tri-nitrogen pollution in the Ningdong coal base, exemplified by Meihuajing field
    LIU Ruiping, XU Youning, ZHANG Jianghua, CHEN Huaqing, HE Fang, QIAO Gang, KE Hailing and SHI Yufei
    In order to study the large-scale comprehensive mechanized coal mining nitrogen pollution sources and the influence degree, the authors selected the Jurassic coalfield of Yuanyang Lake mining area of Meihuajing well field as the research object. In order to study the three nitrogen pollutants and the effect of large-scale coal mining on groundwater, the authors conducted the sampling investigation of groundwater spatial distribution, physical source and hydrogeological conditions of Ningdong coal base. Some conclusions have been reached:(1) The ranges of three nitrogen pollutants NH4+ and NO3- and NO2- are 0.06~0.12mg/L, 4.67~234mg/L, and < 0.01~2.01mg/L respectively in Meihuajing well field base in Yuanyang Lake mining coal area in the east of Ningxia; compared with the national underground water quality, NO2- reaches the level of severe or very severe pollution, and is mainly distributed in unconfined aquifer; the level of NO3- pollution is moderate and mild, and the excessive standard sample points reach 75% in all sample points, and they extend to the confined aquifer. In space, the pollution sample points are present, regardless of the range of mineral rights and out of mineral rights. (2) The NO3- mg equivalent percentage of some water samples is more than 25%, which affects the chemical type of water. (3)The pollution of NO3- and NO2- in coal mine area is related first to abundant material source and second to the influence of coal mining disturbance and hydrogeochemical conditions. The results of the study provide a reference for the prevention and control of groundwater nitrogen pollution in the mining area of large mechanized coal mine.
    2018  .  37(12):    2192-2198    [摘要](49)    [PDF](53)
  • A study of GPS ground deformation monitoring of Jinfeng coal mine in Ningdong coal base
    WANG Guorui, XU Youning, CHENG Xia and ZHANG Jia
    To master the law of ground deformation in the goaf is the prerequisite and foundation for scientific prevention and control of ground collapse, and also an important monitoring content for the dynamic change of the geological environment of the mine. With Jinfeng coal mine in Ningdong coal base as a study case and on the basis of collecting and understanding the mining time, mining depth, mining coal thickness, length of working face, width of working face and direction of working face, the authors set up the automatic GPS monitoring point on the surface of the working face of Jinfeng coal mine. The mining process is unified with the time and space of ground deformation. The authors tried to study the law of ground deformation time and deformation under mining and similar mining conditions. The result shows that the ground deformation of 011202 working face was usually subjected to severe deformation about 13 months after mining and reached the stability 15-17 months after the beginning of deformation, with the maximum cumulative variable being about 3300mm. The ground deformation in the goaf of 011805 working face usually occurred violently 10-11 months after mining and reached the stability 13-16 months after the beginning of deformation, with the maximum cumulative variable being about 2600mm. The research results provide quantitative basis for the prevention of surface subsidence and the prevention and treatment of gob collapse under similar mining conditions.
    2018  .  37(12):    2199-2207    [摘要](45)    [PDF](60)
  • Quality evaluation of soil based on the ecological reconstruction in Ningdong coal base
    KE Hailing, XU Youning, ZHANG Jianghua, QIAO Gang, CHEN Huaqing, YANG Min and HE Fang
    From the perspective of environmental protection and ecological reconstruction, the authors used the collection and testing of environmental soil samples to compare and analyze the effects of coal mining on the regional ecological environment, and evaluated the current status of the soil quality. Through analysis, the authors found that the degree of dispersion of all elements in the soil has been increased by 1-4 times (except for Cr, Hg, and P) as compared with things in 2007, which exhibits an increase in the maximum value of element content; nevertheless, the increase is limited, and this area is still low in selenium, nitrogen and phosphorus, and rich in potassium. Moreover, the study area is not substantially contaminated by heavy metals induced by coal mining, with only existence of a very few points of source contaminations of Cd and As. The evaluation results can provide a basis for the development of resources and ecological reconstruction of Ningdong coal base.
    2018  .  37(12):    2208-2214    [摘要](37)    [PDF](41)
  • Characteristics of vegetation and ecology in Ningdong coal base and the effects of mining activities
    DU Lingtong, XU Youning, GONG Fei, DAN Yang, WANG Le, ZHENG Qiqi and MA Longlong
    Accurate assessment of the impact of mining activities on large national coal and coal chemical industrial bases has important significance in theory and practice. On the basis of different ecosystem variables of the moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) in 2000-2017, the temporal and spatial variation characteristics of vegetation ecosystem in Ningdong coal base were quantitatively studied. The influence of mining activities on the vegetation ecosystem was also analyzed. The results showed that the productivity of the regional ecosystem and the water vapor exchange intensity with the atmosphere were enhanced with the intensification of mining activities in Ningdong coal base. The annual growth rate of the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI), gross primary production (GPP), net primary production (NPP) and evapotranspiration (ET) were 0.0053, 5.10g·C/(m2·a-1), 4.10g·C/(m2·a-1) and 6.62mm, respectively. On the spatial pixel scale, the four ecosystem variables were also mainly increased over the past decade and most of the pixels have sustained growth trend in the future. However, the water use efficiency (WUE) of the ecosystem is decreasing both in annual averages and pixels value. Spatial analysis shows that the large scale vegetation ecological evolution is less influenced by the mining activities, but are mainly affected by the climate and regional ecological restoration projects.
    2018  .  37(12):    2215-2223    [摘要](49)    [PDF](69)
  • Ecological hazard assessment of heavy metal pollution in sediments of Taiyu water system in Xiaoqinling
    ZHANG Jianghua, WANG Kuiying, XU Youning, WU Yaoguo and CHEN Huaqing
    On the basis of the sediments of Taiyu River, a secondary tributary of the Yellow River affected by the gold mine development, 16 surface sediment samples were collected along the river and 10 reservoir sediment samples in vertical section were collected in layers. The values of heavy metals Hg, Pb, Cd Cr, As, Cu and Zn in the Taiyu River sediments were determined. The Hakanson potential ecological index method and the Tomlinson pollution load index method were used to evaluate the degree of heavy metal pollution and potential ecological risk. The results show that the mining activities are the main factors of heavy metal pollution in the sediments of Taiyu River system The coefficient of variation, enrichment coefficient and maximum pollution coefficient all show that heavy metals are the characteristic elements of Hg, Pb and Cd in the sediments of Taiyu water system, and the mass fraction of Cr and As is close to the background value of the region. The surface sediments of Taiyu water system are affected by extremely heavy pollution of heavy metals, and are more seriously polluted in the mountain section than in other areas. Hg, Pb and Cd in the whole basin have strong potential ecological risk, and the potential ecological risk of Cr, As and Zn is slight. Sediments are extremely polluted by heavy metals. The ecological problems are mainly the potential ecological hazards of Hg, Pb and Cd, and their pollution and ecological damage are all higher than deposits along the flow. The evaluation of potential ecological risk index highlights the toxic and harmful levels of different elements, the Pollution Load Index focuses on the degree of contamination of the sample space, and the complementary use of both is conducive to a comprehensive evaluation of practical problems.
    2018  .  37(12):    2224-2232    [摘要](39)    [PDF](50)
  • A study of the development regularity and formation mechanism of ground subsidence in shallow coal seam mining of Yangchangwan coal mine, Ningxia
    XIE Xiaoshen, HOU Enke, GAO Guanjie, XU Youning, WEI Qiming and LIU Jiangbin
    The mechanism of ground subsidence induced by coal mining is an important theoretical basis for the prevention and is also one of the hotspots in the study of geological environment. Subsidence type, features and the mechanism were studied by methods of the UAV remote sensing technology, field observation and numerical simulation software on the Y110207 working face in Yangchangwan coal mine, Ningxia. The results show that, during shallow coal seam mining, cracks and surface collapses are developed, which cause ground surface destruction. In the working face, the parallel cutting cracks are distributed with an interval distance between 10~120m. The parallel channel fracture is a tensile fracture, which is developed in a certain range from the trough to the periphery. The coal mining activities lead to the move and destruction of the overlying strata. The damage can be divides into three types, i.e., shear failure zone, tensile failure zone and shear-tensile failure zone, corresponding to compressive stress region, tensile stress zone and compression tensile transition zone. When the stress is more than the tensile strength of the covering layer transferring to the surface, the cracks will occur. With the advancing of the working face, the water flowing fracture zone will develop to the surface. After that cracks will perforate and the staggered platform will emerge. It enriches the theoretical knowledge of ground subsidence in shallow coal seam and provides a theoretical for the prevention.
    2018  .  37(12):    2233-2240    [摘要](39)    [PDF](52)
  • Evaluation of Cd pollution of a molybdenum ore area in Dongchuan River basin of the Qinling Mountain
    GAO Yunfeng, XU Youning and ZHANG Jianghua
    In order to explore the impact of mining activities on river water quality, the authors chose the Dongchuan River basin, downstream of a large molybdenum ore area in the Qinling Mountains, as the research object. Through on-site sampling and indoor testing, the characteristics of heavy metal Cd in surface water, sediments, and rock samples were analyzed. The contamination status and ecological risk assessment of the river and sediment samples in the Dongchuan River basin were evaluated using the exceeding pollution standard multiple method, the geoaccumulation index method, and the Hakanson potential ecological risk assessment method, with a discussion on the source of Cd. The results show that the Cd content of the 16 river sampling sites in the main channel of Dongchuan River was significantly higher than that in the control sites that are not affected by mining activities, the coefficient of variation of Cd content reached 95.65% and the Cd content from upstream to downstream showed a skewed distribution; the information shows that Cd in the Dongchuan River basin was significantly affected by mining activity. The Cd content of 93.75% of the 16 river water sampling points in the main channel of Dongchuan River meets class Ⅱ water standard for surface water, and it can be judged that the overall water quality of Dongchuan River is better. Only the No. 5 point exceeds the class Ⅱ water quality standard. The multiple of exceeding pollution standard is 1, suggesting light pollution. The results of geoaccumulation index analysis show that 11 sediment samples from the main channel of Dongchuan River had different levels of pollution:sampling point 10, the most seriously polluted point, reached the moderate-strong pollution level; sampling points 8, 9 and 13, the least polluted point, were pollution-free and moderately polluted; and most sites were moderately polluted. The average value of the potential ecological risk index of heavy metal Cd in 11 samples of Dongchuan River's main canal was 120.27, indicating that the total sediments of the main channel of Dongchuan River reached a level of strong ecological risk. Acid mine drainage, primary geological background, sediment release, atmospheric dry and wet dust fall seem to be the major pollution sources of heavy metal Cd in the Dongchuan River basin.
    2018  .  37(12):    2241-2250    [摘要](45)    [PDF](61)
  • Monitoring and evaluation of mine geological environment in the Muli coal mining area based on remote sensing
    HE Fang, LIU Ruiping, XU Youning, QIAO Gang and KE Hailing
    In order to reveal the damage degree of Muli coal mining to the ecological environment, the authors used the 2010 and 2013 two phases of high resolution images of remote sensing monitoring, field investigation, and the soil and water sample collection to investigate mining geo-environmental problems and carrying capacity, The problem was identified and its damage degree and carrying capacity were evaluated. The results show that landform landscape and land resources destruction has been very serious, the water is polluted by Cu, Pb, Cr and Zn, the soil is polluted by Cd and As, the alpine meadow contamination and wetland destruction and degradation are serious, the frozen soil aquifer structure is destroyed, and the mine geological environment bearing capacity is moderate. The evaluation results can provide new basic information for the government and mine enterprises to carry out the recovery management of mine geological environment.
    2018  .  37(12):    2251-2259    [摘要](49)    [PDF](78)
  • A study of the effect of mine exploitation on alpine grassland and its vegetation restoration technology
    ZHANG Jianghua, WANG Kuiying, XU Youning, CHEN Huaqing and QIAO Gang
    The rehabilitation of abandoned mining areas has become one of the urgent tasks faced by China. To tackle the bottleneck of the constraints on the natural environment such as short plant growth period, slag gravelly nature, looseness and poor vegetation of the Tibetan Plateau, the study of the remediation process of the mining wasteland in ecologically fragile areas has summarized the typical mine waste of the Tibetan Plateau. The ecological restoration of the land and the governance model of vegetation reconstruction concluded and screened out key technologies to provide technical reference for the geological environment treatment and land reclamation in the alpine high-altitude mining areas.
    2018  .  37(12):    2260-2263    [摘要](39)    [PDF](60)
  • The monitoring of ground surface subsidence related to coal seams mining in Yangchangwan coal mine by means of unmanned aerial vehicle with quad-rotors
    GAO Guanjie, HOU Enke, XIE Xiaoshen, XU Youning, WEI Qiming and LIU Jiangbin
    The small UAV is an important tool in geological survey with the advantages of low cost and flexible operation. The monitoring of surface subsidence and deformation is a key to controlling the surface movement and deformation related to coal seams mining and subsidence. This paper focuses on the investigation of coal mining subsidence monitoring in the Y120212 working face in Yangchangwan coal mine, by the process of field reconnaissance and controlling point layout, UAV route planning and execution, 4D product production process and monitoring methods, so as to apply unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing technology to monitoring the mine geological collapse. The research shows that the maximum subsidence value of the Y120212 working surface reaches 6.5m by comparison of the DSM processing of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remote sensing technology and multi period ground elevation. A comparative study of the unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing technology shows that it can monitor the surface subsidence deformation related to coal mining subsidence area. The technology is also a new means for monitoring the ground subsidence of the coal mine.
    2018  .  37(12):    2264-2269    [摘要](49)    [PDF](38)
  • Technical methods for colliery subsidence disaster monitoring using UAV LiDAR: A case study of the Maliantai colliery, Ningdong coal base, Ningxia
    ZHANG Yongting, XU Youning, LIANG Wei, WEI Caiyong, LI Qiaomin, YANG Xueru and BAI Jianhong
    Exploring advanced technology of coal-mining subsidence disaster monitoring is an important task to promote the monitoring better. Colliery subsidence disaster monitoring using UAV LiDAR is a new technology of low-flying 3D measurement composed of UAV and LiDAR. In this study, the authors chose the typical subsidence area of Maliantai colliery, Ningdong coal base in Ningxia as the study area, and obtained point cloud data of two time periods in April and August 2017 in the study area based on UAV LiDAR data. The authors obtained the 3D stereogram of colliery subsidence disaster by information extraction and 3D modeling and discovered 3 colliery subsidence disaster areas. Also, using a certain number of existent leveling points and GPS automatic monitoring data, the authors evaluated the accuracy of the model. The results show that the technical methods of colliery subsidence disaster monitoring using UAV LiDAR data meet the requirements of relevant specification. The methods have such features as flexibility, low cost, high efficiency and high precision, and have wide popularization and application value in future.
    2018  .  37(12):    2270-2277    [摘要](40)    [PDF](43)
  • 2018  .  37(12):    2278-2295    [摘要](57)    [PDF](83)

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