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    Latest accepted have been peer-reviewed and accepted, which are not yet assigned to volumes/issues, but are citable by Digital Object Identifier (DOI).
    The Paleoproterozoic basin evolution of the Zhongtiao Mountain region in the Trans-North China Orogen, North China Craton
    , Min LIU
    doi: 10.12097/gbc.2023.11.044
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    A Case Study on Susceptibility Assessment of Precipitation-induced Mass landslides Based on Optimal Random Forest Model, West Qinling Mountains
    Shuai LIU, Tao WANG, Jiamei LIU, Shuai ZHANG, Peng XIN
    doi: 10.12097/gbc.2023.11.008
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    Discovery of Volcanic Matter in the Upper Maokou Formation in Wumengshan Area and Its Geological Significance:Evidence of Early Activity of the Emeishan Mantle Plume
    Honghui ZHANG, Zhiwei LI, Guiren CHEN, Liang WU, Liyuan ZHANG
    doi: 10.12097/gbc.2023.07.002
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    Hazard Assessment of Debris Flow in Jinsha River
    Yuqing SUN, Yonggang GE, Xingzhang CHEN, Lu ZENG, Xinyue LIANG, Xin FENG
    doi: 10.12097/gbc.2023.08.008
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    Tan Fei,Wang Jun, Jiao Yuyong, et al. Current Situation and Development of Urban Underground Space Suitability Evaluation[J].Earth Science, 46(5):1896-1908.
    , , ,
    doi: 10.12097/gbc.2023.04.019
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    Comprehensive Monitoring of Land Subsidence and Ground Fissures in Songzhuang, Beijing Based on Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing Technology
    Te SHA, Yong LUO, Kunchao LEI, Fang TIAN, Xinhui WANG
    doi: 10.12097/gbc.2023.09.003
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    Bo HAN, Zhen MA, Yubo XIA, Yihang GAO, Xu GUO, Xi ZHANG, Hongwei LIU
    doi: 10.12097/gbc.2023.03.043
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    Application of distributed 3D wide field electromagnetic method in the exploration of rich iron ore in the thick covered area of Litun
    Yuzhen ZHU, Wenyan ZHANG, Zhijun GAO, Liang RU
    doi: 10.12097/gbc.2022.09.023
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    Difference of the syn-tectonic magma flow and granite emplacement in relatively stable tectonic environment and its tectonic implication
    Xiaojie JIANG, Songnan LIU, Liyun ZHOU, Xin CHEN, Yu WANG
    doi: 10.12097/gbc.2023.09.029
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    Design and Key Technologies of Global Mineral Resources Information System
    Xuezhou HE
    doi: 10.12097/gbc.2023.12.005
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